The objective is the SADC Business Council is to promote of sustainable growth of businesses in the region. Its approach involves the following:

Capacity Development Programmes
Regional Value Chain (RVC) Enhancement
Regional Business Development
Capacity Development Programmes

Capacity of Apex Associations to address issues enhanced. Activities include:


  • Designing and administer capacity gap assessment tools
  • Developing at least five concepts (one per year) for implementation of capacity building projects
  • Developing at least five training programmes for delivery to interested parties at a cost
  • Creating a platform for facilitating access to news and information for business decision making

Regional Value Chain (RVC) Enhancement

Increased B2B activities within the SADC Region. Activities include:


  • Taking stock of RVC studies to set the stage for specific RVC enhancement activities
  • Using findings and recommendations in existing RVC studies to design sector and country specific concepts for RVC enhancements
  • Developing demand-driven business matching system

Regional Business Development

Intra and inter regional Trade and Investment increased. Activities include:


  • Sponsor Identification
  • Event Planning and implementation
  • Identifying and document investment opportunities in SADC Member States
  • Publishing investment opportunities
  • Hosting conferences and seminars
  • Producing an annual calendar of trade missions
  • Facilitating participation of member associations and corporate members

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