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What is the SADC Business Council and what does it do?

The SADC Business Council (SADC BC) is a Regional Apex body of national business associations of the 16 SADC Member States and Regional Business Associations in Southern Africa.

Its role is to coordinate the business development efforts of national and regional chambers of commerce is SADC. It lobbies for business policy reform to create an enabling economic environment and escalates industry challenges to the highest levels of government.

Who can join the SADC Business Council?

Principal membership is for the founding members of the SADC Business Council. However, businesses can become corporate members of the SADC Business council. This type of membership comes with an annual fee and various benefits for members in good standing.

Is it important to join the SADC Business Council?

All businesses need to become members of the SADC Business Council, especially those with operations in various SADC countries or with an interest to expand with the region.

Being a member allows companies to guide the efforts and priorities of the SADC BC in relation to which regional business concerns are escalated to regional government.

If I am a member of a national business association, do I need to join the SADC Business Council as well?

The short answer, yes. National issues are resolved by national chambers of commerce and business associations, regional matters are handled by the SADC Business Council.

As much as the national chambers may escalate issues for the SADC Business Council to lobby with government, being a corporate member of the business council allows for direct input into these issues and provides a more involved role in how the matters are handled. It also provides access to various senior-level public-private engagement platforms as well as specialised working group formulation.

How does the SADC Business Council operate?

SADC Business Council leadership is aligned to the revolving role of the SADC Heads of State and Government. Chairmanship follows the country currently leading the SADC HOSG leadership with the Chair selected from the representative national chamber of commerce of business association in that country.

Overall direction is provided by a Board comprised of principal member representatives and day-to-day activities of the council are handled by the Secretariat (Currently the NEPAD Business Foundation).

Is there a way for individuals to participate in the work of the SADC Business Council?

Yes, the SADC Business Council has developed a marketplace tool that functions as a forum for business networking and interaction between interested parties.

By registering to join this free platform, individuals can participate and provide input into various activities of the SADC Business Council.

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