22 February 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
About Event

We are pleased to invite you to the ‘Implementation of Circular Economy regulations in the SADC region’ conference. The conference will be hosted in hybrid format on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2023 in Lusaka, Zambia. The conference is jointly organized by the European Union, SADC Business Council and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA).

The objectives of this conference are to:

  1. Convene SADC member states to commonly agree and actively participate in a Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility platform which will be discussed during the workshop;
  2. Use the platform as a basis to implement EPR within the SADC member states and better understand which legal, technical, human and financial resources will be required to implement country-based initiatives;
  3. Establish a joint public-private solution that will address the prevailing challenge of pollution and open dumpsites in Southern Africa, through developing a sustainable Circular Economy (CE) platform;
  4. Strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and develop a funding mechanism for collection and treatment of municipal solid waste.

Members from the Zambia government and private sector, development banks, regional public and private sector, development agencies, MSMEs, SADC Secretariat, European Union, SADC Business Council, academia and other regional bodies will be in physical attendance. Members from other countries are encouraged to attend the conference virtually.

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Concept Note

Conference Presentations

Day 1 Presentations:

1. Mr. Matthias Reusing
Counsellor, European Green Deal, Rural Development, Trade Sector, EEAS
EU Delegation to Zambia
- Circular Economy Regulations in the EU: How to divert waste from landfill and create jobs in the circular economy

2. Mr. Peter Varndell, Executive Director, SADC Business Council
- The role of private sector in promoting and financing Circular Economy and the extended producer responsibility (EPR)

3. Mr. Donald Mwanza, Director Public Health and Public Health Specialist, Chipata City Council
- Implementation of circular economy regulations in the SADC region” - the case of Chipata City

4. Ms. Diana Sibanda, Group Head of Sustainability, Coca Cola Beverages Africa
- Progress and Challenges faced in achieving Sustainability goals ñ the CCBA Experience

5. Mr. Kachikoti Banda, Lusaka City Council
- A public-private partnership solution for the circular economy: The Integrated Solid Waste Management Company in Lusaka

6. Ms. Nachilala Nkombo, Country Director, Zambia, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
- Do Free Riders present a challenge in the achievement of Regional Circular Economy objectives

7. Mr. Sebastian Frisch, Switch 2 Green
- Presentation of the Discussion Paper

Day 2 Presentations:

1. Mr. Stefan Ott, Circular Economy Specialist at the Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, World Bank
- Efficient finance of waste management: EPR in Africa

2. Ms. Angelina Schreiber, GIZ Global Programme Go Circular/PREVENT Waste Alliance, GIZ
- Prevent Waste Alliance EPR Working Group

3. Mr. Christophe Pautrat, Head of Global Partnerships, Landbell Group
- Operational EPR implementation: Best Practices

4. Ms. Mwansa Matokwani, Founder & CEO, Green Earth Solutions
- The informal sector inclusion: The Zambian experience

5. Ms. Sisanda Zwedala, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs (RSA) Specialist | Technical | East & Southern Africa Region (ESAR), Nestle
- What methods and tools should be implemented in order to ensure an inclusive EPR in the region?

6. Ms. Aileen Wichmann, Coordinator for Municipal Development from Dormagen City (Germany), Twin City Dormagen/Chipata
- Municipal partnerships as drivers for waste-related solutions

7. Ms. Elaine Kafwimbi, Better World (Sustainability) Manager, AB-Inbev
- What methods and tools should be implemented in order to ensure an inclusive EPR model within SADC?

8. Ms. Viva Bruce, Head of Fund Operations, Ghana EPR Fund
- Electrical and Electronic Waste Management Fund: Ghana’s Journey

9. Ms. Fatimé Diallo, ValuCred
- Plastic credits: A financing mechanism for waste management as a preparation for EPR

10. Ms. Vanessa Forti, Associate Programme Officer, UNITAR-SCYCLE
- Why data collection is so important for the implementation of circular economy concepts

11. Mr. Rodwell Chandipa, Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA)
- Extended Producer Responsibility: Driving Circular Economy

12. Mr. Sebastian Frisch, Switch 2 Green
- Presentation of the Discussion Paper