COVID-19 Synergy on Public and Private Sector Support by AUDA-NEPAD and NBF

Johannesburg, April 14, 2020 – The NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) endorsed the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD’s COVID-19 Response Plan of Action. This took place following a meeting between the two institutions in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The NBF highlighted the role the Foundation will play in helping to mobilise and popularise the AUDA-NEPAD COVID-19 Response Plan amongst their stakeholders.

Both entities emphasised the importance of facilitating and coordinating public and private sector anti-COVID-19 interventions and agreed on the synergy that can be created between the two sectors. This will allow for optimal implementation of the AUDA-NEPAD COVID-19 Response Plan.

By joining efforts, AUDA-NEPAD and NBF will reach out to various private sector actors in several thematic fields such as health and pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, manufacturing and logistics, as well as engage financial institutions, start-ups and telecommunications companies.

The AUDA-NEPAD COVID-19 Response Plan makes provision for the private sector to create new partnerships and contribute in the stabilisation of African economies.

Acting on the principle of collective responsibility and the need for Africans to benefit from one other’s experiences and successes, AUDA-NEPAD and NBF will bring onboard major private sector actors who have demonstrated goodwill through their actions at a national level. They will identify concrete and common support areas that will benefit governments and businesses in other African countries.

To this end, AUDA-NEPAD and NBF have made a ‘call for action’ and invite all stakeholders to contribute to this action in fighting COVID-19.

About the AUDA-NEPAD COVID-19 Response Plan of Action:

The AUDA-NEPAD COVID-19 Response Plan of Action is a proactive, efficient and direct response in enhancing continental coverage and improving access to sustainable and resilient health services while ensuring the protection of Africa’s economic foundations.

The set of thematic areas that have been addressed by the plan create an ecosystem for the private sector to contribute to its implementation and to benefit from its added value, by opening new markets based on a win-win approach.

The AUDA-NEPAD will be a recipient of financial investments and donations for its COVID-19 Response Plan of Action. The Agency will play the role of broker between various service providers and governments, as well as coordinate the value chain from operations to institutional mechanisms.


The white paper on AUDA-NEPAD’s response can be downloaded at:

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