NBF extends reach to East and Central Africa

images 22In 2014 the NBF announced its coverage of the Southern Africa region with country offices strategically placed along the Beira Corridor.  The country offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi aimed to capitalise on all the infrastructure investment and development earmarked for the region as well as align other areas such as agriculture and human development to the changes happening in the SADC region.

This effort paid off with the Afri-ID initiating five port and rail projects in SADC and the successful establishment of SAADPP, which linked farmers in four countries as they leveraged off each other’s experiences and work to find ways to develop agriculture in line with infrastructure development in the region. The NBF’s African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN) has also experienced great success in the sub-Sahara African region and has signed up six additional Institute of Directors of Corporate Governance organisations as members of the pan-African corporate governance development initiative.   

In 2015, the NBF has scheduled to launch its NBF Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa and through partnership arrangements with key organisations in the region, the NBF hopes to cover East and Central Africa by the end of the year. This move will allow the continental roll out of the NBF’s successful interventions in line with the NEPAD focus areas and will see the scaling-up of the current programmes and projects in infrastructure, agriculture, corporate governance, capacity building as well as investment and integration.

This wide coverage of the continent will also benefit companies with a large foot print on Africa or those looking to expand in other African countries.

For more details on the NBF’s East and Central Africa expansion, kindly contact Monica Dowie on email: monica.dowie@thenbf.co.za  or tel: +27 10 596 1904.


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